Our aim is to help the world keep its financial feet on the ground.

Financial information is becoming every more sophisticated in its preparation and dissemination.  More words than ever are devoted to ever greater numbers of national and international accounting standards and ever more complex systems of financial analysis are ingeniously devised by ever more outstanding mathematical experts.


Excel has become as indispensable to the financial worker as the ballpoint, analysis paper and pocket calculator was 40 years ago.  But the world of the spreadsheet has also changed out of all recognition since it first became a pervasive feature of office life.  In  the  1980’s an accountant seeking to address a piece of work on his trusty IBM PC had little real choice other than to start a worksheet and begin entering his data and formulae at cell A1. Today he is faced with a much greater range of alternative tools that come “out of the box” with Excel – VBA, PivotTables and other data analysis tools straight off the ribbon,  and most recently, Apps for Office.